Verus and Falco

FALCO - optical and radar system
The system is designed for ground and low altitude air surveillance, it provides targets detection, tracking and recognition, human, vehicle, UAV type, day and night time. The system can be used for states boarders protection and other critical objects. The system can be deployed onto a vehicle.
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VERUS Optical Systems are designed to measure inner geometrical dimensions of selected parameters and video inspection of the inner conditions of smooth and profiled barrels and the wearing out of weapon systems.

What diameters can VERUS measure?

  • Verus Mini – till 55mm
  • Verus Ultimate – from 55mm till 205mm
  • Verus Uno – from 100mm till 300mm

What equipment can be installed?

  • Smooth Barrel Measurement
  • Profiled Barrel Measurement
  • Rotating Laser Scanner
  • Front Video Inspection
  • Side Panoramic Camera with LEDs
  • Non-Straightness Channel
  • Laser Range Finder
  • Self-Centering Module
  • Self-Moving Probe
  • Wireless Data Transfer
  • Self-Moving Probe
  • Lightweight, Rugged Case

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