Video deinterlacing software library

The RfDeinterlacer lib software library is designed for use in C++ projects to compensate for inter-line displacement in video frames arising from the fact that many digital cameras use interlaced scanning when recording frames. Interlacing helps to significantly reduce the required frequency for data transmission, but it causes visible distortions when acquiring images of moving objects. The RfDeinterlacer lib library eliminates such distortions. The library has a simple interface. The developed algorithm allows processing frames with RGB or BGR pixel format (3 bytes per pixel), Mono_8 (1 byte per pixel, grayscale) and YUY2 (2 byte per pixel in blocks of two pixels each) with very high speed. The library can be used in very low-power processors embedded in cameras and other hardware. To compensate for line offset, the algorithm only requires the data of the frame being processed (there is no need to use previous video frames).



The RfDeinterlacer lib software library is written in C++ (C++ 11 standard) without using third-party software modules and functions dependent on the operating system or processor. Compatibility with any operating systems that support C++ compilers (C++11 standard) has been achieved. The library is compiled from source codes and can be used with any type of processor (x86, ARM, RISC-V, etc.). The library can also be delivered in C language for use in real-time operating systems. The library does not create any computational streams and does not contain any code executed in the background. The frame is processed by calling the appropriate method of the RfDeinterlacer class and is completed by returning control from the method to the calling computational flow.

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